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Saturday, October 27, 2012

November: Awareness and Promotional Days

Make your marketing stand out by celebrating unique awareness and promotional days during the month of November. Purchase promotional products that go hand-and-hand with days to celebrate this month. Be sure that the promotional items are special keepsake items with your name and logo on them to remind your customers to come back for and make future purchases at your small business.

November Awareness & Promotional Days

Celebrate throughout the month
  • American Diabetes Month
  • Aviation History Month
  • COPD Awareness Month
  • Family Stories Month
  • International Creative Child and Adult Month
  • Longterm Care Awareness Month
  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  • Military Family Appreciation Month
  • National Adoption Month
  • National American Indian Heritage Month
  • National Alzheimer's Disease Month 
  • National Family Caregivers Month
  • National Hospice Month
  • National Inspirational Role Models Month
  • National Marrow Awareness Month
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Scholarship Month 
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Vegan Month

Celebrate during a specific week
  • American Education Week ~ 2nd week in Nov.
  • Dear Santa Letter Week ~ 1st week in Nov.
  • Home Care Aide Week 2nd week in Nov.
  • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week ~ 1st week in Nov.
  • National Care Week ~ 2nd week in Nov.
  • National Family Week ~1st week in Nov.
  • National Geography Awareness Week ~ 3rd week in Nov.
  • National Hunger and Homelessness Week ~ 2nd week in Nov.
  • Radiology Technology Week 1st week in Nov.
  • World Kindness Week ~ begins second Monday in Nov.
  • Youth Appreciation Week2nd week in Nov.

Celebrate on a specific date
  • America Recycles Day ~ Nov. 15
  • Dia de Los Muertos ~ Nov. 2
  • Diwali {prominent Hindu festival} ~ Nov. 13
  • Great American Smokeout {Say "no" to smoking} ~ 3rd Thursday in Nov.
  • Human Society Anniversary Day ~ Nov. 22
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women ~ Nov. 25
  • National Family Volunteer Day ~ 2nd Saturday in Nov.
  • Thanksgiving ~ 4th Thursday in Nov.
  • United States Marine Corps Day ~ Nov. 20
  • Veteran's Day ~ Nov. 11
  • World Hello DayNov. 21

A restaurant could give out a free meal to military families, a boutique or book store might consider having a contest for customers to write a short novel about their store or mentioning their store --winner should get a mini shopping spree or significant discount. A chef could feature delicious vegan alternatives to celebrate Vegan month. An arts and craft store can have a Dear Santa Letter workshop for children, making beautiful Christmas wish lists for Santa. Send 'thank you' cards to your customers for Thanksgiving. Let them know that you are grateful for the chance to do business with them each year. A shop owner could donate a percentage of sales and profits to a homeless shelter or to aid in finding a cure to diabetes. With holiday shopping and sales guaranteed to boost a number of bottom lines before the new year comes in consider having allocating a portion of profits to a scholarship fund in honor of National Scholarship Month. The possibilities are endless, get started planning today!

What special days will you celebrate this month at your small business?

Need assistance with unique promotional items to kickoff your awareness celebration? Let Celebrate Atlanta assist you with creative promotional ideas and products that will set your brand apart from your competition. Call 404-494-0047 or email Ashley: 

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @CelebrateATL we want to hear your advice, opinions and comments!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Need a Steady Stream of New Customers? Target New Homeowners

When it comes down to marketing to acquire new customers the key is to check out what your competition is doing and then do the complete opposite. Even if what they are doing is working for them it is vital that you still stray away from what they are doing, because the key is to stand out. One surefire way to stand out and get your business in front of  an audience that is ready to buy is to target new homeowners.

Why target new homeowners?

There are several reasons to target new homeowners, for starters they are credit worthy spenders that are thrilled about their new purchase. They are also ready to buy --and in most cases need to buy products and services within their local community regardless of the economy. Small business owners can tap into this receptive audience and build a loyal following creating long term solid customer relationships and a steady revenue stream. Consider these facts:

Within the first few months of moving

  • New homeowners purchase more products and services in the first 6 months after moving than an established resident spends in 2 years. 1
  • The average new homeowner spends more than $9,000 on purchases within the first few months of a move, and the average renter spends close to $4,000.2
  • New residents establish an average of 71 new business relationships.2
In most cases a new homeowner moves into a neighboorhood with specific needs but does not have any buying loyalties. Putting your message in front of them close to the time of their arrival into your community gives a small business owner a competitive edge over their competition.  Doing so also increases chances of gaining a new customer.

What is the best way to target new homeowners?

While a strategic direct mail campaign can yield great results, the BEST way to get in front of new homeowners is utilizing a home welcome service.  A home welcome service greets new residents with a handshake, a smile, and local resources and offers from sponsors (business owners). New residents are glad to receive the information, gifts and offers from local business owners. Most of all they really enjoy the personal contact guiding them in the right direction in their new community. So if your business information and offer is included in your local home welcome services visits you have an extremely great chance of acquiring new customers. If there is no home welcome service in your local community it may be time to start your own.

Marketing to new residents gives you direct access to a stream of new customers that are ready to be loyal. The key is to get in front of them with great excellent offers that are going to get them to your store. Once they visit your establishment or e-commerce store you must be the best at what you do or have an amazing product so that they will be back for more. Home Ownership;  2. Our Town America: Backgrounder: New Movers and Purchasing Patterns

If you are a small business owner in the Atlanta metro area contact Celebrate Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia's premiere home welcome service. Let us greet new residents in the community with a handshake, a smile, a WOW! offer and gift from your small business. We also partner with local nonprofit organizations and provide civic information to really introduce all the local resources. At Celebrate Atlanta we truly make YOUR business OUR business! Join us as we, 'build communities one home at a time'. Pick up the phone and call 404-494-0047 to get started celebrating Atlanta today!

Join Celebrate Atlanta on Facebook and Twitter @CelebrateATL, we'd love to connect with you!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrate Atlanta's Owner Celebrates Dendera Cosmetics Studio!

Celebrate Atlanta's CEO, Ashley Neal gets a mini-makeover from Dendera Cosmetics Studio located in the West End. She details her experience in a review on Check out her review and visit Dendera Cosmetics Studio. We think Ashley looks great!

If you are in the Atlanta metro area and your small business needs a steady stream of new qualified customers contact Ashley today to share the Celebrate Atlanta community experience with you. At Celebrate Atlanta "We build communities one home at a time" and "We make YOUR business OUR Business!" Give us a call and increase your bottom line today! 404-494-0047

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October: Awareness and Promotional Days

One way to truly make your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd is to celebrate and/or plan activities that honor an awareness day. These days are great because they can bring awareness within your community about your; niche/ industry,  an important cause, or matter that your business supports. By focusing on a day that is less celebrated by the masses is a great opportunity to receive positive media attention at your small business. Even if your event or celebration does not receive media attention, no worries because if you planned the right event your customers should rally together to support your awareness day. This will create long lasting memories, perhaps a few sales, and something to look forward to again the next year. Spice up your marketing and your $bottom line$ by adding some unusual holidays to your calendar!

October Awareness & Promotional Days

Celebrate throughout the month
  • Auto Battery Safety Month
  • Breast Health Awareness Month
  • Celiac Sprue Awareness Month
  • Class Reunion Month
  • Diversity Awareness Month 
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Family Health Month
  • German American Heritage Month
  • Halloween Safety Month
  • Head Start Awareness Month
  • Health Literacy Month
  • Healthy Lung Month
  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month
  • National Book Month
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Chiropractic Month
  • National Crime Prevention Month
  • National Dental Hygiene Month
  • National Down Syndrome Month
  • National Liver Awareness Month
  • National Orthodontic Health Month
  • National Pharmacy Month
  • National Physical Therapy Month
  • National Reading Group Month
  • National Window Safety Month
  • Photographer Appreciation Month
  • Polish American Heritage Month
  • Positive Attitude Month
  • Red Ribbon Month
  • Vegetarian Awareness Month
  • Women's Small Business Month
  • World Blindness Awareness Month

Celebrate during a specific week
  • America's Safe Schools Week 3rd week in Oct.
  • Character Counts Week 3rd week in Oct.
  • Drive Safely to Work Week 1st week in Oct.
  • Emergency Nurses Week Oct. 7 - Oct. 13
  • Financial Planning Week 1st week in Oct.
  • Fire Prevention Week 1st week in Oct.
  • Freedom of Speech Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • Improve Your Home Office Week 2nd week in Oct.
  • International Credit Union Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • International Infection Prevention Week 2nd week in Oct.
  • Kids Care Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • Last Week to Register to Vote ~ Oct. 1 - Oct. 2
  • Medical Assistant's Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week ~1st week in Oct.
  • National Business Women's Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • National Chemistry Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • National Customer Service Week 1st week in Oct.
  • National Food Bank Week Oct. 14 - Oct. 20
  • National Health Care Food Service Week ~ 1st week in Oct.
  • National Health Education Week ~ 3rd week in Oct.
  • National Message Therapy Week 4th week in Oct.
  • National Newspaper Week 1st week in Oct.
  • National Respiratory Care Week ~ last week in Oct.
  • National School Bus Safetey Week 3rd Week in Oct.
  • National School Lunch Week 2nd week in Oct.
  • National Veterinary Technician Week 2nd week in Oct.
  • Physician's Assistant Week ~ Oct. 6 - Oct. 12 
  • Red Ribbon Week last week in Oct.
  • Teen Read Week 3rd week in Oct.
  • World Rain-forest Week  3rd week in Oct.
  • World Space Week ~ Oct. 4 - Oct. 10
  • YWCA Week Without Violence  3rd week in Oct.

Celebrate on a specific date
  • Global Hand Washing Day ~ Oct. 15
  • Halloween ~ Oct. 31
  • Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day Oct. 10
  • National Boss Day Oct. 16
  • National Depression Screening Day ~ 1st Thursday in Oct. 
  • National Mammography Day Oct. 3
  • National Make a Difference Day ~ 4th Saturday in Oct.
  • National Mole Day ~ Oct. 23
  • Statue of Liberty Dedication Day ~ Oct. 28
  • United Nations Day ~ Oct. 24
  • World Food Day ~ Oct. 16
  • World Mental Health Day ~ Oct. 10

There are so many things to do during the month of October as long as you are willing to be creative. For example a portion of the months sales can be donated to a breast cancer awareness organization, or to help solve a lesser known disorder such as Celiac Sprue. Every customer that has a positive attitude throughout the month can receive a spotlight on your Facebook page, blog, e-newsletter or website, for Positive Attitude Month. For National Food Bank Week consider having a food drive where customers that bring in 'X' amount of canned goods get a discount on select items and then donate the food to your local food bank. Figure out what you and your staff can do to really make a difference in your community on National Make a Difference Day. The possibilities are endless!

What special days will you celebrate this month at your small business?

Need assistance with unique promotional items to kickoff your awareness celebration? Let Celebrate Atlanta assist you with creative promotional ideas and products that will set your brand apart from your competition. Call 404-494-0047 or email Ashley:

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @CelebrateATL we want to hear your advice, opinions and comments!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Celebrate Atlanta!!!

Celebrate Atlanta

Welcome to Celebrate Atlanta's blog! We are Atlanta, Georgia's premiere home welcome serviceWe specialize in personal touch marketing services that builds local communities and aid in strengthening the local economy. Celebrate Atlanta provides viable marketing solutions that are highly effective for Atlanta-area small business owners.

We personally introduces local small businesses to new homeowners in the community with a handshake and a beautiful gift basket. Via word of mouth advertising we are committed to assisting local business owners with acquiring new customers. Our unique personal touch marketing services gets customers in the door.

We specialize in... 
          Making YOUR business OUR business!

On our blog we will post useful tips and resources for small business owners. We will also post feature stories on some of our sponsors and fun facts about the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Stay tuned we have a lot of great stuff in store!